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dottie ceramic necklaces

dottie ceramic necklaces

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Ever thought to yourself: Wow, those Dottie Vases are super stylish. I wish I could get dolled up just like them.

Probably not. Because being jealous of a vase is weird.

Even so, we have taken the dots we usually affix to our Three Dee Dottie vases and made some cute little ceramic necklaces out of them. Each charm is made from clay by hand. We fire them with a colourful glaze and then put them in a kiln for a third time with a 22K gold lustre just to fancy them up a bit!

Chains are 18” long and gold plated. Unfinished clay back.

These charms are 100% handmade and hand assembled, quirks should be expected (and embraced!) While ceramic is durable it can also be delicate. Take care to not scratch or drop your piece! You should remove your chain and charm before sleeping or any water activity (or heavy sweating - NO JUDGEMENT :)

approximate dimensions:
charm: 0.5” diameter
chain: 18”

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